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Counselling & Therapy Information

Counselling and therapy information was established in 2009 to help people to make informed choices about counselling and therapy. There are three main approaches or schools of thought which influence traditional (talking) counselling and psychotherapy. They are;

  • The Psychodynamic approach
  • The Cognitive/Behavioural approach
  • The Humanistic approach

In addition, there are over 400 types of therapy internationally, ranging from approaches that utilise art, play, music, drama, poetry, journaling and movement, to therapies that focus on massage, hypnosis, yoga techniques, meditation, focussed breathing and energy flow in the body.

At counselling and therapy information, we answer the most commonly asked questions and provide basic information on the most common approaches to counselling and therapy, supported with an all inclusive directory where clients can find a suitable qualified counsellor or therapist in their area.

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Directory listing until December 2010. Available for qualified counsellors and therapists and senior trainees on recognised professional courses.
Advertise a training course or event which may be useful for the purpose of continued professional development

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